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Anusha Manglik

TD 2021

Anusha is a sophomore in TD studying Molecular Biochemistry & Biophysics. She loves arranging music from Hisaishi to Williams to the Gorillaz. But not Christmas music though. She wants to decliquify DPops and bring equality of social life to the common beings of the orchestra. She likes potatoes and hearing Pong tell his Alexa to fart. He always giggles afterwards. She also likes stories about bamboo and doesn't really have a life outside of gossiping with Pong. BTW don't tell your secrets to Pong because he tells them to me. This is currently under development.


Title Composer Concert Date
British Ladies John Lunn DPops Smashes the Patriarchy 2019-10-04
Castle in the Sky Joe Hisaishi DPops Studies Abroad 2019-03-01
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Joe Hisaishi DPops Saves the Day 2018-04-27