DPops draws from from the entire undergraduate student body. We encourage students from any major and department to audition. Some DPops members intend to continue music professionally, while others just want a fun and engaging pops orchestra experience while at Yale.

Below are bios from the DPops Board. The Board meets every week over dinner in the Davenport dining hall and coordinates all DPops activities, from auditions to rehearsals to concerts and social events. Feel free to contact any board member with questions about the orchestra!

2018 – 2019 Board

Gemma Hyeon TC’20 ​| Co-President
Gemma is a junior in Trumbull majoring in some science or some math. Outside of playing violin in DPops, she likes to ice skate, eat, sleep, dance, play IMs, and listen to music. She dislikes running, making decisions, anchovies, and being early.


Ryan Montesi SM’20 ​| Co-President

Ryan, affectionately known as Rara, is a junior in Silliman majoring in Physics and in Math. Outside of DPops, he plays in BCO and spends time in a lab pretending that that his research produces meaningful results. He enjoys playing video games, wasting time, eating, sleeping, and generally being a human. Oh, and he sucks at finding pictures of himself.


Chenyu Ma BF’19 ​| Head Arranger
Chenyu is a senior in Benjamin Franklin majoring in Geology & Geophysics as well as Environmental Studies. He plays the saxophone and likes to arrange weird stuff for DPops. Outside of DPops, he has way too many bad ideas and does way too many things. He likes flying paper airplanes.


Linus Lu DC’19 ​| Head Conductor
Linus is a senior in Davenport majoring in English and History. He plays viola in the YSO and conducts the all-horn ensemble Coup de Brass. He is capable of reading and writing, and enjoys those activities very much. He is also way too into postmodernism, which inhibits his ability to derive truth and meaning. ​


Kari Hustad ​BF’21 | Assistant Conductor


Jeremy Tanlimco ​ES’19 | Director of Development
ES ’19, Physics (Int). Enjoys cooking and minimalism.


Anusha Manglik TD’21 | Treasurer
Anusha is a sophomore in TD majoring in MB&B and possibly something less interesting. Outside of playing trombone in DPops, she likes to subtly roast misogynists, watch (way too much) English soccer, and blow tiny humans’ minds by teaching them about science. She also loves whales (ask her about any and all whales) and skiing and classical music. When she grows up, she hopes to be the first person to legally marry a food item.


Chiara Chung-Halpern JE’21 ​| Social Committee Co-Chair
Chiara is a sophomore in JE planning to major in Geology and Geophysics. When she isn’t playing the viola, she enjoys taking long hikes and even longer naps! She has an extensive knowledge about trashy tv shows, especially the British reality TV phenomenon ‘Love Island’. If you want to find her, follow the sound of her loud whining about why ‘her body is so sore from (fill in the blank) martial art activity.


Candice Wang BK’21 ​| Social Committee Co-Chair
Candice is a sophomore in Berkeley College majoring in English. Outside of playing violin in DPops, she loves drinking tea, brewing tea, and talking about tea, as well as exploring enormous furniture stores, hugging dogs, reading and writing science nonfiction articles, and jamming out to Taiwanese ballads. Her other obsessions include baboons, evolutionary theory, and cashews (they’re tasty and pun-worthy!).


Ryan Lim BK’19 ​| Publicity Chair
​Ryan is a senior in Berkeley majoring in Computer Science and Physics. Outside of DPops, he enjoys playing too many intramurals, shooting arrows with Club Archery, and obsessing over his gadgets. He sleeps whenever he can and loves to start projects that he never finishes. *sigh*


Isabel Sands PC’21 ​| Co-Librarian
Isabel is a sophomore in Pierson College majoring in physics (int.). When she isn’t playing the viola, she arranges music for DPops, listens to film scores to find new and exciting things to arrange for DPops, and researches the dark matter halo bispectrum (which she enjoys doing while listening to the music from Interstellar, which she intends to one day arrange for DPops). She has a minor obsession with coffee, tea, and comparing things to Dante’s Hell.


Cindy Yang PC’19 ​| Co-Librarian

Cindy Yang is a senior in Pierson majoring in MCDB. Outside of playing flute in DPops, she enjoys playing piano, reading, petting fluffy dogs, and drinking too much bubble tea with friends 🙂


Kevin Li TC’21| Orchestra Manager
​Kevin is a junior in Davenport majoring in math. Outside of playing clarinet for DPops, he enjoys eating hot cheetos while slowly wasting away his life on Netflix if he’s not doing psets (TV takes priority). He also enjoys playing the electric bass, listening to old music, cooking, eating, and eating.