DPops draws from from the entire undergraduate student body. We encourage students from any major and department to audition. Some DPops members intend to continue music professionally, while others just want a fun and engaging pops orchestra experience while at Yale.

Below are bios from the DPops Board. The Board meets every week over dinner in the Davenport dining hall and coordinates all DPops activities, from auditions to rehearsals to concerts and social events. Feel free to contact any board member with questions about the orchestra!

2019 – 2020 Board

Anusha Manglik TD’21 | Co-President
Anusha is a junior in Timothy Dwight College majoring in biomedical engineering. She plays the trombone and likes to arrange music when she gets a few extra minutes (or not). Outside of DPops, she enjoys roasting misogynists, working on her startup, and sleeping. You can usually find her <5 feet away from some kind of food.

Candice Wang BK’21 ​| Co-President
Candice is a junior in Berkeley College majoring in history of science and medicine. When she’s not playing violin in DPops, she drinks an average of six cups of tea a day, marathons videos of baby sloths, and continuously rants on and on about the current journalism project she is undertaking. Her other obsessions include Planet Earth (mostly for Sir David Attenborough’s voice), huge bowls of pho, and slicing tofu into squares.

Isabel Sands PC’21 ​| Head Arranger
Isabel is a junior in Pierson College majoring in physics (int.). When she isn’t playing the viola, she arranges music for DPops, listens to film scores to find new and exciting things to arrange for DPops, and works on simulations of the universe (which she enjoys doing while listening to the music from Interstellar, which she has arranged for DPops). She has a minor obsession with gravity, tea, and comparing things to Dante’s Hell.

Kari Hustad ​BF’21 ​| Head Conductor
Kari is a junior in Benjamin Franklin College majoring in film and media studies.

Michael Gancz MY’21 | Assistant Conductor

Michael Gancz is a junior in Pauli Murray College majoring in music (int). When he’s not writing/playing/ranting about/listening to music, he likes to exchange dog photos, design board games, and take a closer look at that spooky old mansion up on yonder hill—now, hold on, isn’t that where old man Jenkins used to live? I’ll say, gang, that place sure gives me the heebie jeebies!

Fiona Reed SM’22 |Treasurer
Fiona is a sophomore in Silliman College majoring in molecular biophysics and biochemistry, if she doesn’t chicken out. From northern Vermont, she is a member of the Yale Alpine Ski Team and can often be found running or hiking in different places around New Haven in an attempt to break her life-threatening addiction to “Game of Thrones.” She likes cats, chai lattes, and cancer biology.

Gemma Hyeon TC’20 | Co-Director of Development
Gemma is a senior in Trumbull College majoring in statistics and data science. Outside of playing violin in DPops, she likes to ice skate, eat, sleep, dance, play IMs, and listen to music. She dislikes running, making decisions, anchovies, and being early.

Ryan Montesi SM’20Co-Director of Development
Ryan, affectionately known as Rara, is a senior in Silliman College majoring in physics and math. Outside of DPops, he plays in BCO and spends time in a lab pretending that that his research produces meaningful results. He enjoys playing video games, wasting time, eating, sleeping, and generally being a human. Oh, and he sucks at finding pictures of himself.

Frankie Lukens ES’22 ​| Social Committee Co-Chair
Frankie is a sophomore in Ezra Stiles College majoring in history of art. When he is not playing the clarinet or planning DPops’ next…amazingly awesome…social event with his partner in crime, Audrey, he likes to eat, swim (especially at home in Florida), eat, read, watch Netflix, eat, sleep, eat, and travel. Frankie is pumped for another great year in DPops!

Audrey Yeung BR’22 ​| Social Committee Co-Chair
Audrey is a sophomore in Branford College majoring in Neuroscience. She enjoys playing violin in DPops, dancing, and eating Popcorners while watching aesthetic baking videos on YouTube.

Chiara Chung-Halpern JE’21 ​| Publicity Chair
Chiara is a junior in Jonathan Edwards College majoring in Geology and Geophysics. When she isn’t playing the viola, she enjoys taking long hikes and even longer naps! She has an extensive knowledge about trashy tv shows, especially the British reality TV phenomenon ‘Love Island’. If you want to find her, follow the sound of her loud whining about why ‘her body is so sore from (fill in the blank) martial art activity.

Jeffrey Yu BF’22 | Librarian
Jeffrey is a sophomore in Benjamin Franklin College majoring in Computer Science. Born and raised in upstate New York, he loves playing the violin in DPops (duh), watching and playing tennis in Federer-esque style, breakdancing and learning how to windmill, and reading dystopias like Orwell’s 1984.

Kevin Li TC’21 | Orchestra Manager
​Kevin is a junior in Davenport College majoring in math. Outside of playing clarinet for DPops, he enjoys eating hot cheetos while slowly wasting away his life on Netflix if he’s not doing psets (TV takes priority). He also enjoys playing the electric bass, listening to old music, cooking, eating, and eating.

Eric Zhang ES’22 | Assistant Orchestra Manager
Eric is a sophomore in Ezra Stiles College majoring in Computer Science and Economics. He plays violin in DPops and tries to play otamatone outside of DPops. When he’s not doing either of those two things he likes to listen to and arrange indie music, build things, and play Smash. His favorite hobby is to pretend being productive.

Mudi Yang DC’22 | Davenport Liaison
Mudi is a sophomore in Davenport College majoring in Computer Science. He plays viola in DPops, and he spends the rest of his time working to break his YouTube binge record. It is often possible to spot him eating ramen, drinking coffee, attempting to conceal his bad haircut, or doing all three at the same time.

Molly McLaughlin SM’22 | Publicity Committee
Molly is a sophomore in Silliman College double majoring in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology and Political Science with a concentration in health policy. When she’s not running up and down science hill to get from the chemistry building to LC every day, she enjoys reading, writing, spending lots of money at Blue State that she doesn’t have, and engaging in unnecessarily long conversations that usually end around 4:15 AM on a Saturday.

Sasha Lioutikova MC’23 | New Member Liaison
Sasha is a first-year in Morse College majoring in statistics and data science. Outside of playing cello for DPops, you can find her dancing with Rhythmic Blue, dancing with Danceworks, dancing embarrassingly in her dorm, or dancing embarrassingly in public. She also enjoys drawing cute animals and messages for her fellow freshmorsels, baking (hopefully well), and sleeping.

Matthew Pecoraro TD’22 | Librarian
Matthew is a sophomore in Timothy Dwight College majoring in chemistry and political science.  He plays the objectively better saxophone, the tenor saxophone. Outside of DPops, he enjoys playing quizbowl, whistling, marathoning Avatar the Last Airbender, and playing Pokémon.

Daniel Liu DC’23 ​| New Member Liaison
Dan is a first year in Davenport College majoring in math and computer science. He enjoys playing violin, playing ultimate frisbee, knitting hats, and watching basketball.

Caitlin Brown TC’23 ​| New Member Liaison
Caitlin is a first year in Trumbull College majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. Besides playing cello in Dpops, she enjoys playing ice hockey, field hockey, eating fruit, watching Grey’s Anatomy, watering her many succulents, and practicing juggling. Her favorite pizza topping is cheese.

Renée Sanacora SM’23 | Arranging Committee
Renée is a first year in Silliman College, and her intended major shifts weekly depending on her mood. When not playing percussion with DPops, you can find her napping in the Acorn, napping in the Sillibrary, or napping in her bed.

Melanie King MY’23 | Social Committee
Melanie is a first year in Pauli Murray College who has no idea what to major in right now. She often contemplates the meaning of life on long runs outside and spends either the early mornings or late nights in the fitness center, probably as an excuse to listen to music. Although she despises tomatoes, Melanie enjoys marinara sauce on virtually any dish following a tough varsity IM soccer game. As for peppers, a large reward is being offered for anyone who can find a form in which she will enjoy those evil fruits (yes, apparently they are fruits, which deeply saddens Melanie because she loves the classics like pineapples and strawberries). Despite her inability to choose a favorite color (maybe blue) or season (possibly winter), she does know that both Dpops and whoever reading this are AWESOME 🙂