DPops draws from from the entire undergraduate student body. We encourage students from any major and department to audition. Some DPops members intend to continue music professionally, while others just want a fun and engaging pops orchestra experience while at Yale.

Below are bios from the DPops Board. The Board meets every week over dinner in the Davenport dining hall and coordinates all DPops activities, from auditions to rehearsals to concerts and social events. Feel free to contact any board member with questions about the orchestra!

2017 – 2018 Board

Kate Feinerman BR’19 ​| Co-President
Kate is a junior in Branford planning on majoring in econ and math. When not playing the viola in DPops, she likes putting hot sauce on everything, interjecting SpongeBob references, communicating through GIFs, and being a computer-whisperer for STC.  Yeeeeeeee! She also loves alpacas, sheep, bunnies, and other fluffy animals, but mostly alpacas.


Ryan Lim BK’19 ​| Co-President
​Ryan is a junior in Berkeley majoring in Computer Science and Physics. Outside of DPops, he enjoys playing too many intramurals, shooting arrows with Club Archery, and obsessing over his gadgets. He sleeps whenever he can and loves to start projects that he never finishes. *sigh*


Harry Kane BR’18 ​| Head Conductor
Harry is a senior in Branford majoring in chemistry. Outside of DPops, he leads FOOT trips, messes around with lasers for his thesis, plays intramurals, and composes music. He likes dogs, bears, food, and trains, and has seen every single episode of The Office at least three times.


Chenyu Ma BF’19 ​| Head Arranger
Chenyu is a junior in Benjamin Franklin majoring in Geology & Geophysics as well as Environmental Studies. He plays the saxophone and likes to arrange weird stuff for DPops. Outside of DPops, he has way too many bad ideas and does way too many things. He likes flying paper airplanes.  ​


Linus Lu DC’19 ​| Assistant Conductor
Linus is a junior in Davenport majoring in English and History. He plays viola in the YSO and conducts the all-horn ensemble Coup de Brass. He is capable of reading and writing, and enjoys those activities very much. He is also way too into postmodernism, which inhibits his ability to derive truth and meaning.


Alex Chang BK’19 ​| Director of Development
Alex is a junior in Berkeley planning to be the very best major in Chemistry and Applied Math.  Outside of playing violin, Alex is involved with Volunteers Around the World and enjoys running, orange juice, daydreaming, and food-venturing.  As for his future, he is currently torn between his unparalleled talent for creating blooper reels and his promise to President Salovey to complete his Pokedex.  He also aspires to be a fat cat.


Ryan Montesi SM’19 ​| Treasurer

Ryan, affectionately known as Rara, is a sophomore in Silliman majoring in Physics and in Math. Outside of DPops, he plays in BCO and spends time in a lab pretending that that his research produces meaningful results. He enjoys playing video games, wasting time, eating, sleeping, and generally being a human. Oh, and he sucks at finding pictures of himself.


Pong Trairatvorakul ES’18 ​| Social Committee Co-Chair
Pong is a senior in Stiles majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Outside of playing percussion in DPops, he also plays the bells of Harkness Tower in the Guild of Carillonneurs. He loves to eat sushi and spends wayyy too much time watching TV shows.


Gemma Hyeon TC’20 ​| Social Committee Co-Chair
Gemma is a sophomore in Trumbull majoring in some science or some math. Outside of playing violin in DPops, she likes to ice skate, eat, sleep, dance, play IMs, and listen to music. She dislikes running, making decisions, anchovies, and being early.


Sida Tang SY’19 ​| Publicity Chair
Sida is a junior in Saybrook majoring in some combination of engineering, technology, design, and architecture – but hopefully not all four. Outside of playing French Horn in DPops, Yale Concert Band, and Coup de Brass, he is involved in the Formula SAE team and Design for America. He is also interested in Renaissance music, and hopes that one day the recorder will get the respect it so rightly deserves. In reality, he is more likely to be found asleep amidst a pile of problem sets and thumbnail sketches in the Becton Cafe.


Cindy Yang PC’19 ​| Co-Librarian

Cindy Yang is a junior in Pierson majoring in MCDB. Outside of playing flute in DPops, she spends most of her time doing research in the lab. She also enjoys playing piano, reading, petting fluffy dogs, and drinking too much bubble tea with friends 🙂


Sarah Luckart BR’19 ​| Co-Librarian
Sarah is a junior in Branford College majoring in something related to biology. Outside of playing viola for DPops, she changes her hair way too often. When she’s not speaking in Harry Potter quotes, she can be found hiding in a library with bubble tea and a copy of Harry Potter in any language but her native English. She has a collection of small succulents, and her favorite is a red-headed cactus named George.


Kevin Li TC’21| Davenport Liaison
​Kevin is a first-year in Davenport majoring in math. Outside of playing clarinet for DPops, he enjoys eating hot cheetos while slowly wasting away his life on Netflix if he’s not doing psets (TV takes priority). He also enjoys playing the electric bass, listening to old music, cooking, eating, and eating.


Anusha Manglik TD’21 | New Member Liaison
Anusha is a first-year in TD majoring in MB&B and possibly something less interesting. Outside of playing trombone in DPops, she likes to subtly roast misogynists, watch (way too much) English soccer, and blow tiny humans’ minds by teaching them about science. She also loves whales (ask her about any and all whales) and skiing and classical music. When she grows up, she hopes to be the first person to legally marry a food item.


Tevis Vitale MC’20 | New Member Liaison
Tevis is a sophomore in Morse majoring in MCDB. Outside of playing oboe and english horn for DPops, he enjoys climbing, and serves as an EMT on campus. He also spends too much of his studying time finishing personal side projects rather than doing the pset set that is due the next day.