DPops draws from from the entire undergraduate student body. We encourage students from any major and department to audition. Some DPops members intend to continue music professionally, while others just want a fun and engaging pops orchestra experience while at Yale.

Below are bios from the DPops Board. The Board meets every week over dinner in the Davenport dining hall and coordinates all DPops activities, from auditions to rehearsals to concerts and social events. Feel free to contact any board member with questions about the orchestra!

2023 – 2024 Board

Helen Zhou PC’25 | Co-President
Helen is a junior in Pierson majoring in Computer Science. Outside of playing violin with DPops, she enjoys obsessing over Laufey, window shopping, running, and trying restaurants with friends. This past summer, she spent too much time (and set off too many fire alarms) trying to learn how to cook with Eric. She still has yet to break her keshi and chai addiction.

Eric Gan DC’25 | Co-President
Eric is a junior in Davenport majoring in Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology. When he’s not sightreading piano parts for DPops, you can find him doing immunology research at the School of Medicine, binge watching cooking videos, grabbing boba with friends to fuel his endless midterm cram sessions, and gaming late into the night.

Shea Hinojosa MY’24 | Director of Development

Shea is a senior in Pauli Murray studying Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry on the premed track. Other than air-bowing at DPops rehearsals, he loves playing IM soccer, taking poorly-timed naps, and messing around with his suitemates. If you spot someone on a light-up scooter zooming to Brick Oven on a Sunday night, it’s 110% him.

Eli Gilbert BF’24 | Head Conductor
Eli is a conductor and clarinetist from Santa Cruz, California, and is very grateful to be conducting DPops for his third and final year. He is a senior in Franklin majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. He plays clarinet in the Yale Symphony Orchestra, of which he previously served as assistant conductor. When not playing or listening to music, Eli enjoys exploring cities, playing disc golf, and rooting for the San Francisco Giants.

Maggie Schnyer TD’24 | Assistant Conductor
Maggie is a senior in TD studying Computing and the Arts. When she’s not hitting things with sticks or figuring out how to play tuba for DPops, she can be found filmmaking or conducting around campus. She also loves playing tennis, thrifting, and learning new languages. Secret talents include jump rope and knowing too much about Star Wars.

Mitchell Dubin BF’25 | Assistant Conductor
Mitchell is thrilled to officially be joining the conducting team after being in and out of DPops for a couple years! Mitchell is an Econ major and does some teaching and research work in the department. He is also very involved in the Slifka Center and as a member of the Guild of Carillonneurs. P.S: Don’t tell anyone, but he’s also a retired (contra)bassoonist…

June Yoo BR’25 | Head Arranger/Publicity
June is a junior in Branford majoring in Computer Science. He spends most of his time headbanging to odd time signatures or banging his head trying to come up with the next DPops arrangement, but you can sometimes find him listening to classical music, watching funny animal videos, or searching for the perfect apple in the dining halls.

Liam Barthelmy SM’25 | Head Arranger
Liam is a junior in Silliman majoring in mathematics. Other than playing violin, they compose, obsess over video game music, play dnd with friends, and speedrun indie games.

Keerthana Chari BK’25 | Orchestra Manager
Keerthana is a junior in Berkeley from Scarsdale, New York. Aside from playing the violin in DPops, she is a tour guide at the Yale Center for British Art and involved in science research. In her free time, she like to go on long walks, buy more books than she can possibly read, drink iced chai, and explore rooftops on campus.

Lilia Potter-Schwartz PM’26 | Publicity
Lilia is a sophomore in Pauli Murray from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, majoring in Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry. Outside of DPops Lilia is part of the triathlon club, Murray College Council, and pursuing infectious disease research. In her free time, Lilia loves searching for the best latte in New Haven and walking to the weekly farmers market with friends!

Danielle Lee MY’24 | Librarian
Danielle is a senior in Pauli Murray (contrary to the photo) double majoring in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry and Statistics and Data Science. She plays viola and is originally from Orange, CT, but now calls Houston, TX home. Outside of DPops, she enjoys playing viola da gamba, scuba diving, and knitting.

Vanessa (Ness) Cheng PC’24 | Librarian
Ness is a senior in Pierson College who is majoring in Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry. Besides screeching Nintendo music on their violin, Ness is deeply fond of overanalyzing film scenes, taking long walks, adopting plants, and hugging. If you’re an avid supporter of pineapple pizza, Ness will immediately consider you a dear friend!

Jenny Xu DC’24 | Website Manager
Jenny is a senior in Davenport majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology.  Other than playing flute in DPops, she enjoys reading, drinking bubble tea, and watching videos of tiny animals.

Jeremy Ng TC’26 | AV Team Director
Jeremy is a sophomore in Trumbull double majoring in Computer Science and Physics. He started playing the piano when he was 5 and added cello (his DPops instrument), organ, and now the carillon as the years went on. When he is not arranging multipart cello videos or listening to classical music and doing impromptu music analysis, you can see him salivating at pictures of his food from years of travel, or letting himself loose on the Taekwondo or the MMA mat.

Michael Lee SM’24 | AV Team Director
Michael is a senior majoring in Physics and pursuing the Data Science Certificate. He is a fan of jazz clarinet. Since high school, he has performed both 20th century solos and modern big band arrangements. Favorites are Artie Shaw, Leo Pellegrino, and the 8-Bit Big Band. Outside of DPops, Michael does research in quantum computing. He is also a first-year counselor for Silliman, THE BEST residential college. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, playing frisbee, and designing overly-sophisticated motion graphics for pointless memes.

Prastik Mohanraj GH’24 | Treasurer
Prastik is a senior in Grace Hopper College and a violist. In his free time, you can find him playing rec sports, binging shows on Netflix, drinking bubble tea, and pulling all-nighters.

Joshua Li MC’26 | Social Chair
Josh is a Sophomore in Morse College studying Astronomy and Global Affairs. He is academically interested in planetary remote sensing research as well as space operations policy. As both an avid classical musician and jazz vocalist, he is well versed in any musical environment whether it be playing the violin/viola/bass or singing as a baritone/bass. In his free time, Josh enjoys Backpacking in the Wallowa Mountains or Bowling at the local AMF. You’ll catch him at Yale constantly Rowing or indulging on Caramel Crunch Chocolates.

Benjamin Gervin MC’26 | Minis Manager

Mason Abrell DC’26 | Davenport Liaison
Mason is a sophomore in Davenport majoring in Physics and Global affairs. When he’s not playing the flute in DPops, he can be found reading high fantasy books in some long-forgotten nook of a library, staring at a blackboard trying to remember Taylor Expansions, or practicing kendo. He also loves morning tea and soft sunrises, so if you have either tea or book recommendations, send them his way!

Angélique Wheeler PC’26 | New Member Liaison
Angélique is a sophomore in Pierson majoring in History and Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology. When not playing violin in DPops, she sings with Redhot & Blue, the Yale Glee Club, and whichever theatre production she happens to be involved in at the time. Angélique also can be found at Pierson College Council meetings, Kappa chapter, or attempting to stick to one creative project at a time.

Chris Shia SY’27 | New Member Liaison
Chris is a freshman from Saybrook College. He plays the cello in DPops and is very excited to be an NML this year. He enjoys video games, though has not had enough time to beat them during the school year. He spends his free time doodling on Procreate, reading and writing stories, and attempting to stay awake with matcha.

Lily Hyde TC’27 | New Member Liaison
Lily is a freshman in Trumbull College planning on majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. She is from Dedham, MA and has been playing the euphonium for 8 years. Outside of DPops, she can be found jamming with the Marimband or making pottery in the Trumbull pottery studio.

Samson Wong MC’27 | New Member Liaison
Samson is a first-year in Morse College. Outside of playing violin with DPops, he sings with Pitches and Tones and is on the Morse and First Year college councils. He listens to music purely based on vibes, is an enjoyer of all things food, and likes building anything that flies.

Kira Tang TC’27 | New Member Liaison
Kira is a first-year in Trumbull from Lexington, Massachusetts. In addition to playing the cello in DPops, she loves writing poetry, drawing portraits, attempting to cook, and pretending to be a DJ. Her claim to fame is being featured in the TrumBulletin as an IM table tennis player.

Iris Liebman BR’27 | New Member Liaison
Iris is a first year in Branford from Brookline, Massachusetts, majoring in chemistry. Outside of playing flute in DPops, she spends her time exploring the depths of Science Hill, listening to Taylor Swift, and baking chocolate chip cookies.